XR Studios Offer Their Perspective on using DSMC3 and KOMODO Cameras
October 30th, 2023

"At the XR Studios Hollywood Campus, We use the KOMODO because it provides us the RED Camera's DNA in a small, efficient package and global shutter. We’re able to fully utilize our entire technology stack, such as Ghostframe, with the widest possible shutter angles in multi- LED content workflows. The KOMODO has allowed us to build a rig that mixes the control and flexibility of a broadcast camera rig, using cinema zoom lenses, and broadcast controllers, all while getting the super35 sensor width and color flow of a RED Camera, as well. Having in-depth API control of the camera, and a good working relationship with RED while they develop items like shutter sync offset for virtual productions workflows, is just the cherry on top of our valued relationship with RED technology."
- J.T. Rooney, President of XR Studios

"When a vista vision size sensor is needed, the Raptor or XL is the camera of choice. The new RED connect feature is a big benefit for virtual workflows, allowing full sensor offload while monitoring SDI for in the room monitoring and line cutting. Overall, the Raptor is a big addition to our Studio B space at the XR Studios Hollywood Campus and to our cinematic projects, giving us the full sensor look and feel that DPs know and love. The creative and technical approach that RED has to their cameras and workflows match XR Studios’ technical creative solutions approach to productions, and we’re excited to put forward the Raptor XL in Studio B as a chosen camera for single-camera productions, including its onboard internal ND filters and built-in I/O for a professional workhorse for day in and day out work. RED Connect allows us to use the SDI outputs for preview and in the room broadcast cutting, but record the full frame 6K output from the camera alongside, bypassing the limitations of SDI."
- J.T. Rooney, President of XR Studios