Software Development Kits


Camera Control. The RED COMMAND PROTOCOL (R.C.P.) SDK provides developers with the API needed to use the R.C.P. - enabling users to create custom apps on iOS or Android to control their DSMC via mobile device or tablet. Included in the R.C.P. Development Kit are the R.C.P., a sample app and additional resources.

For questions and support regarding the R.C.P. SDK, email us at

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Software Integration. The R3D SDK allows developers to integrate R3D file loading and decoding into their own software products on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. Utilize multi CPU, GPU and RED ROCKET-X technology to enable high-performance processing of RED material.

For questions and support regarding the R3D SDK, email us at

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R.C.P. Application Programming Interface

API description and usage documentation.

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Details of Embedded Ancillary Metadata In HD-SDI Output

Details on the location and meaning of metadata bits in the Horizontal Ancillary (HANC) data of the HD-SDI output signal of the DSMC family of products.

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R.C.P. Documentation

Documentation detailing the R.C.P. Core protocol and procedures.

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