Students, faculty, and staff are now eligible to receive discounted pricing on all of your favorite RED products. With our educational pricing programs, it's never been easier to own a RED.

RED introduces you to the latest in cinema technology and provides you with the resources you need to learn it all. Whether you're looking to equip students to explore their full potential or you're embarking on your academic career as a film student, RED wants to help take you to the next level. Learn simple concepts or advanced techniques, and do it all with the best tools in the industry. Our easy to use LCD interfacing system is suitable for all curriculum levels, and building your camera with accessories is now easier than ever. With RED's latest gear and modular design, you can feel confident that you'll be fully equipped to take on your next big shoot. RED wants to put you in a position to succeed by providing you with the tools you need to bring your project to life. With our educational pricing and other benefits, it's never been a better time to start outfitting you or your institution with the latest RED gear.

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