RED BTS: Blondfire
November 9th, 2014

Indie band, Blondfire, released the video to their single, Young Heart. RED® went behind the scenes with the production crew who captured the song's essence in a surreal, otherworldly music video.

Shot by husband and wife duo, Eric Ulbrich and Kylie Eaton, on EPIC DRAGON, the crew was able to create smooth and dynamic footage, as the video transitions across the universe. Shooting on RED allowed the special effects team to capitalize on the large amounts of data from the high-resolution images, making it possible to capture and bring the directors' imaginative vision to life.

Long time RED supporters, Ulbrich and Eaton spoke about the versatility that RED provides for shooting productions:

"Depending on the size of the project and what the budget is‹since we have a RED camera, we're always able to provide a quality image no matter what the size of the project."

To view their work and see Ulbrich and Eaton's ingenuity come to light, check out Blondfire's YouTube channel.