RED BTS: Chip Yates Breaks Records in Electric Planes
February 26th, 2014

Chip Yates designs and races electric motorcycles, winning AMA championships and setting world records with his own creations. He has also taken his designs to the air, creating a fleet of powerful electric airplanes that feature the type of scorching speed that continues to put him in the record books.

Although he makes it look easy, Chip spends countless hours testing and working in an effort to push the envelope continually. Part of this process is documenting flights in a way that can be easily and effectively scrutinized—which has been made easier with the high resolution and frame rates their RED EPIC® offers.

"We're actually able to slow it down so much that we can see technical problems. We can see wing flutter, we can see small oil leaks."

Check out the RED BTS video to hear more from Chip and see the footage they captured on yet another record-breaking day.