RED BTS: Miss Reef 2015
November 4th, 2014

For over 30 years, Reef has celebrated summer with the Miss Reef Calendar. The yearly calendar has become well known for its beaches, bikinis, and beautiful women. To get to the bottom of how Miss Reef became a surf community icon, RED® went behind the scenes with the crew.

This year, Brian Hanson and the Reef team traveled to Cabo San Lucas armed with RED's EPIC DRAGON to capture footage for the 2015 calendar, as well as a two-minute Miss Reef video exclusive. Shooting on RED provided Reef and Hanson with a number of advantages that they wouldn't have had available with any other camera, for instance, the ability to pull full resolution stills from motion. Brian explains his approach, and how the EPIC DRAGON® lends flexibility and convenience to his workflow.

"When I'm shooting, I'm leaning more towards video, and then having the stills there is ideal. The process used for my grading and for going to print is essentially the same thing."

The 6K RED DRAGON sensor's massive dynamic range and improved color science took Reef's calendar campaign to the next level delivering color-rich images for both the video and calendar. Ultimately, Hanson says,

"It's image quality. I just need to know that it's there. Luckily, I'm in the position to request and require tools like RED."

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