RED BTS: Skydiving with RedBull Airforce | AJ Bleyer
October 20th, 2023

"I’ve been fortunate enough to become a specialist in wild, action-packed, ambitious shoots. Productions with high stakes and limited takes. But getting to film the Red Bull Airforce literally wingsuit and skysurf out of military aircraft was insane. It was incredibly exciting, but it also came with a number of creative and technical considerations. There were a number of shots we’d only get one chance at. The jump window was short and defined, offering no time to dial in exposure settings beforehand. I needed the camera build to be tight and handheld- but also cover both horizontal and vertical framing, capture slow-motion, and have as much latitude as possible for when the plane door opened. I immediately reached for V-RAPTOR. It really has it all." - AJ Bleyer, DGA (@adventfilms)