RED BTS: Rocketjump
November 16th, 2014

Boasting an impressive 7 million YouTube subscribership, Rocketjump's Video Game High School (VGHS) has helped pave the way for new forms of video production and distribution over the internet. One of the most popular web series to date, Video Game High School is set in a futuristic world and chronicles the lives of students attending an elite video game training high school.

RED® went behind the scenes as VGHS wrapped up its final season to speak with Rocketjump co-founders Freddy Wong and Matt Arnold about the show's journey from a Kickstarter project all the way to a full length feature film. Beginning on a SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X then upgrading to an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and later an EPIC DRAGON, RED has been a part of the web series' growth:

"You can get the (sort of) cinematic quality almost effortlessly with these cameras, you get to such a good end result with such speed. For us, RED has always been a big part of being able to enable us to do what we do."

While shooting a high action car chase, Wong appreciates the flexibility that the 6K RED DRAGON® sensor provides to get the exact shot since the camera is also on a moving vehicle:

"I straight-up will, like, aim it based on where the camera's, like, looking and know that with the 6K I can just reframe it, be exactly where I want to be, and not have to deal with it later so that's very helpful. Especially since we're shooting and we're finishing in 4K."

Be sure to check out all of the VGHS episodes, and look out for upcoming projects from Rocketjump.