RED BTS: Space School
January 22nd, 2015

RED's latest Behind The Scenes (BTS) takes you alongside Director Jonathan Bird and his crew for an exclusive look at the making of their film, Space School. The RED® team (along with Frazier Nivens of Ocean Imaging) traveled down to the Aquarius Reef Base, off the coast of the Florida Keys for some pre-release access.

Shot on the EPIC DRAGON, Space School depicts how astronauts prepare for the rigors of zero gravity exploration at underwater training facilities such as the Aquarius Reef Base. In the "space-like" simulated microgravity, astronauts perform routine maintenance, carry out experiments, and acclimate themselves to living in confined spaces similar to conditions they will encounter in space.

RED also got to experience the crew's excitement over the EPIC DRAGON. Camera Operator, Tim Geers, was enthusiastic about working with the EPIC DRAGON which exceeded his expectations and met the unique challenges of their underwater shoot.

"The workflow of this camera is just fantastic...I mean it's just perfect for this project."

Geers also commented on how it feels to be in the audience watching this film.

"The perfect analogy is the RED camera actually becomes your avatar it sets you inside the scene... and experience the scene as if you were actually there."

Space School premieres at the St. Augustine film festival on January 25th. The film is shot in 6K, and intended for viewing in an immersive 4K dome-based video projection environment, known as a fulldome theater. For more information, check out the Space School Facebook Page, or go to Jonathan Bird's Blue World.