RED BTS: Sweatpants Media and Nitto Tire
April 12th, 2015

Ever wondered what's the fastest car on the road? Starting on March 26th, 16 of the world's top performance cars will square off in a head-to-head drag race tournament for the title of ultimate champion on the streets. RED® went behind the scenes with Sweatpants Media for the making of the 2015 Nitto: Battle of the Streets in Los Angeles. Many vehicle manufacturer's claim to create the world's fastest car—but only one will drive away with bragging rights from this year's Battle of the Streets.

For their 2015 event, Nitto Tire turned to Sweatpants Media to provide an innovative perspective to the webcast. Using EPIC DRAGON cameras, Sweatpants Media is producing the event and capturing the essence of drag racing with closeup and aerial footage from the 6th Street Bridge and other parts of Los Angeles. Using a seven RED EPIC DRAGON mounted virtual reality rig to record the millions worth of cars Sweatpants Media brings you closer than ever to the roaring engines and burnt rubber on the road.

Andy Bell, Executive Producer at Sweatpants Media, shared his excitement about leveraging RED cameras in their workflow.

"We have all been huge RED fans. RED keeps pushing it, which lets us push it and keep delivering higher quality content to our clients and that's what they're looking for."

Check out Battle of the Streets 2015 to catch all the action and final standings. For more information and high definition content from Sweatpants Media, visit their website at