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VERSION 1.7.0beta


135.4 MB

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Release Notes

KOMODO Beta Build 1.7.0 December 22, 2022


  • Download the latest REDCINE-X PRO from


  1. 1. Copy the upgrade folder (containing the upgrade.bin file) to the top directory on the CFast card.
  2. 2. Power up the camera and insert a CFAST card into the KOMODO media slot.
  3. 3. Go to Menu > Maintenance > Upgrade and select OK.
  4. 4. The camera initiates a 2 stage upgrade process which will automatically restart the camera.
  5. 5. After the camera restarts to complete the upgrade process, select RESTART once it appears.
  6. 6. Go to Menu > System Settings > System Status > Camera Info to verify the firmware version after the camera boots.


  • Added ELQ R3D Quality
  • Added Cloud Upload capability ( and S3)
  • Added Autofocus improvements
  • Added accelerometer and gyro data to R3D
  • Added Gio Scope
  • Added enhanced Timecode behavior
  • Added Timecode Out
  • Added External Only Audio over SDI Improvements
  • Added Sensor Sync Shift
  • Added PTP Timecode Support
  • Added 'Basic' Overlay Mode
  • Added 'Standard' Overlay Mode
  • Added Overlay Opacity
  • Added Guide Pixel Dimensions in UI
  • Added User assignable Low Voltage Warning over SDI
  • Added RCP2 external lens data support
  • Added RCP2 support for sensor time and exposure time
  • Added Play/Pause indicators in Playback
  • Added USB drive support for logs, presets and calibration files
  • Fixed 'Forget' not clearing cached network password
  • Fixed lowest Lens aperture not displayed in UI
  • Fixed livestream freezing after changing format
  • Fixed Playback button with button lock


  • Known issue in 1.7.0beta: Low Voltage Warning over SDI will occur with the use of any BP style batteries
  • Warning message will occur with unapproved Media and Batteries

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