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R3D SDK (Beta)

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VERSION 8.4.0 Beta 2


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Release Notes

R3D SDK Release Notes v8.4.0 BETA 2 – February 2, 2023

The 8.4.0 BETA contains these changes:

  • Added RMD_ND_STOPS metadata for V-RAPTOR XL and DSMC Motion Mount
  • Added R3DStream2 API for connected DSMC3 camera. See ConnectedStreamSaveSample.cpp
  • Added new IOInterface::CreatePath() virtual function. Called when creating clips through streaming

The 8.4.0 BETA contains bug fixes for:

  • Fixed: potential CUDA crash when GPU decoding KOMODO or V-RAPTOR clips
  • Fixed: several bugs in IPP2 half-demosaic CPU output
  • Fixed: R3DDecoder DECODE_HALF_RES_GOOD was not decoding as DECODE_HALF_RES_PREMIUM
  • Fixed: bug introduced in 8.3.0 where RED ONE clip UUIDs could have changed
  • Fixed: metal assert in debug

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