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RED Connect

release history

VERSION 1.2.39


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Release Notes

Changes in this version

  • Fixed: Reduced drift by changing from frame number based synchronization to time based synchronization.
  • Removed application enforced minimum latency.
  • Added realtime interactive latency adjustments. Depending on the environment latency can be set (in realtime) from 300ms (or less) to 3000ms (or more).
  • Added support for Precision Time Protocol synchronization.
  • Added support to communicate with the camera via TCP.
  • Added functional sections to the System Settings web page.
  • Added support to save audio data to the R3D files.
  • Added connection type, connection status, and output type information to the web page headers.
  • Added realtime user customizable performance graphs.
  • Added an option to save the camera stream to R3D files.
  • Added an option to start saving the camera stream to R3D files as soon as the camera starts recording.
  • Added an option to save the previous few seconds to a replay R3D file (the number of previous few seconds is user defined).
  • Added the ability to append a user defined DLL to the rendering pipeline for doing things like dewarping (a simple dewarping sample DLL is included), additional image pipeline processing, or capturing/redirecting of the frames.
  • Added the ability to redirect the R3D file IO via a user defined DLL to foreign or remote file systems (a sample DLL is included).
  • Added the ability to run without Blackmagic SDI GPU Direct, when running streams lower than 8K60FPS.
  • Added the ability to reset web page statistics in realtime.
  • Known issue, when recording from the camera at lower frame rates and resolutions the SDI output may have some issues. To get around them, record from the camera at 4K 60 FPS, 8K 30 FPS, or higher and set the desired output format in the System Settings Output Video Settings panel

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