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RED Connect (Beta)

release history

VERSION 1.3.31beta


23 MB

Release Date:


Release Notes

Changes in this beta build:

  • Added NVENC encoding output when running on a single NVIDIA ADA GPU (and a System Settings panel to adjust the encoding parameters).
  • Added Video Monitoring output when RED Connect is not running as a service (and a System Settings panel to adjust the parameters).
  • Added "R3D Save Only", "NVIDIA NVENC Only", and "Video Monitor Only" to the list of available output destinations.
  • Added support for saving R3D files at greater than 60 fps.
  • Added the GPU Decode Latency setting to postpone when GPU decoding begins, this allows third parties up to 2000ms to figure out their CustomImageProcessor parameters before it is executed.
  • Added GPU Decode load balancing to allow specific frames to be decoded on specific GPUs. This feature is based off of frame number, not frame record time stamps. And is automatically disabled when output settings require it to be disabled.
  • Added a yellow warning indicator in the bottom left of the GUI. It will appear if there are issues with the settings. Holding the mouse pointer over it will bring up a popup with the errors listed.
  • Added enhanced System Settings GUI checking to on-the-fly disable unavailable options. And to change the System Settings "Save System Settings And Restart" button to "Save System Settings And Stop" if Video Monitoring Enabled is set, and back, if it is not enabled.
  • Simplified and enhanced the CustomImageProcessor interface. Interface now includes camera SDI time codes. The sample now includes a sample background thread.
  • Modified the NVIDIA NVENC -fps parsing argument to support numerator/denominator syntax, instead of just numerator syntax.
  • Applied the CustomImageProcessing output and scaling to all output formats.
  • Shortened the service restart time to around 10 seconds and from being time based, to waiting for the service process to exit before restarting it.
  • Changed the default page's "Converting to SDI pixels" label to "GPU post processing", since it now includes the elapsed time of the custom image processing, scaling, and SDI pixel conversion.
  • Changed the default Blackmagic SDI Video Out Latency from 3 seconds to 150ms. And changed the number of frames buffered in the Blackmagic system from 16 to 4. These appear to be optimal settings for 8k60. To run at lower resolutions or frame rates, the default values may need to be adjusted.
  • Disabled Video Monitoring output when the destination is set to Blackmagic SDI out.
  • Removed Blackmagic SDI pixel type selection.
  • Fixed an issue where frames would start GPU decoding out of order.
  • Fixed an issue where frames could playback out of order.
  • Fixed a memory leak when Blackmagic GPU Direct, SaveR3dFile, and Replays were all disabled.
  • Fixed potential slowdowns when starting new record sessions by switching from frame number-based processing to frame record time stamp-based processing.

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