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Version 51.1.49055


291.1 MB

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Release Notes

REDCINE-X Professional Build 51.1.49055 Beta Release – MAC OS Build

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  • 1GB hard drive space
  • 8GB RAM (recommended)
  • 2GB GPU Video RAM (when using GPU acceleration)

Before upgrading, go to the Release History page and review the release notes for information on compatibility and roll back restrictions.


  • Added: Komodo camera support.
  • Added: Ability to create AP0 Color Space Creative Luts.
  • Added: IPP2 Image : Noise Reduction [M]eta and [D]efault buttons.
  • Added: REDline CDL output file name can now be specified. If not specified it use the clip's output file name root.
  • Added: REDline and REDCINE-X PRO now include the clip's UUID in their metadata display.
  • Added: REDline metadata now includes the original file name.
  • Added: Playback Device checkbox to the System Preferences tab, to optimize CUDA playback for a specific CUDA card.
  • Added: Bypass IPP2 Output Transform.
  • Fixed: Slower playback with multiple CUDA GPUs decoding than with one.
  • Fixed: Playback isn't as smooth as it should be when the system can't keep up with the requested frame rate.
  • Fixed: Occasional issues displaying the first frame when multiple GPUs are in use.
  • Fixed: Moving any of the middle User Curve points to either edge resets all the curve points.
  • Fixed: Using the back arrow to scrub backwards in the timeline yields unexpected results.
  • Fixed: Viewer will occasionally jump to the wrong frame when some settings are changed.
  • Fixed: REDline image artifacts.
  • Fixed: RED Player has issues playing some clips.
  • Fixed: LL indicator not displaying.
  • Fixed: Look Preset issues with Creative 3D LUT setting
  • Fixed: Curve adjustments not being applied in legacy mode.
  • Fixed: Exporting an occasional black horizontal line at top of image.
  • Fixed: Problems switching export between Fully Graded and Primary Raw.
  • Fixed: NVidia Series M & K cards don't work.
  • Fixed: Post : Image : Effects image corruption issues.
  • Fixed: Project Clip's Frame Rate Selection dialog box doesn't indicate if 71.928 and 72 FPS are selected.
  • Fixed: Some controls on Tangent controllers are not working.
  • Fixed: Excessive logging when trimming.
  • Fixed: Rocket-X not used with IPP2 and GPU enabled.
  • Fixed: IPP2 Image : Primary [M]eta and [D]efault buttons don't work.

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