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Version 51.1.49055


159.6 MB

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Release Notes

REDCINE-X Professional Build 51.1.49055 Beta Release – Windows (64-Bit) Build

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows Vista to Windows 10 (version 1809)
  • 1GB hard drive space
  • 8GB RAM (recommended)
  • 2GB GPU Video RAM (when using GPU acceleration)
  • Windows 4GB GPU Video RAM (when using GPU R3D decompression)

Before upgrading, go to the Release History page and review the release notes for information on compatibility and roll back restrictions.


  • Added: Komodo camera support.
  • Added: Ability to create AP0 Color Space Creative Luts.
  • Added: IPP2 Image : Noise Reduction [M]eta and [D]efault buttons.
  • Added: REDline CDL output file name can now be specified. If not specified it use the clip's output file name root.
  • Added: REDline and REDCINE-X PRO now include the clip's UUID in their metadata display.
  • Added: REDline metadata now includes the original file name.
  • Added: Playback Device checkbox to the System Preferences tab, to optimize CUDA playback for a specific CUDA card.
  • Added: Bypass IPP2 Output Transform.
  • Fixed: Slower playback with multiple CUDA GPUs decoding than with one.
  • Fixed: Playback isn't as smooth as it should be when the system can't keep up with the requested frame rate.
  • Fixed: Occasional issues displaying the first frame when multiple GPUs are in use.
  • Fixed: Moving any of the middle User Curve points to either edge resets all the curve points.
  • Fixed: Using the back arrow to scrub backwards in the timeline yields unexpected results.
  • Fixed: Viewer will occasionally jump to the wrong frame when some settings are changed.
  • Fixed: REDline image artifacts.
  • Fixed: RED Player has issues playing some clips.
  • Fixed: LL indicator not displaying.
  • Fixed: Look Preset issues with Creative 3D LUT setting
  • Fixed: Curve adjustments not being applied in legacy mode.
  • Fixed: Exporting an occasional black horizontal line at top of image.
  • Fixed: Problems switching export between Fully Graded and Primary Raw.
  • Fixed: NVidia Series M & K cards don't work.
  • Fixed: Post : Image : Effects image corruption issues.
  • Fixed: Project Clip's Frame Rate Selection dialog box doesn't indicate if 71.928 and 72 FPS are selected.
  • Fixed: Some controls on Tangent controllers are not working.
  • Fixed: Excessive logging when trimming.
  • Fixed: Rocket-X not used with IPP2 and GPU enabled.
  • Fixed: IPP2 Image : Primary [M]eta and [D]efault buttons don't work.

To take advantage of Windows R3D decompression on NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, ensure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed via a clean installation to ensure all residual NVIDIA drivers are removed.
If performance issues are observed with a multiple NVIDIA CUDA GPU configurations, please ensure that a clean installation of the latest NVIDIA CUDA driver has been performed.

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