DSMC3 LCD Rigid Hinge Pack

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The DSMC3 LCD Rigid Hinge Pack is an alternate all metal hinge and updated monitor arm designed to allow a greater clamp pressure to be applied to the hinge to ensure under certain shooting environments that the monitor position is held.

The Rigid Hinge Pack includes all necessary hardware required to perform the install.


  • Detailed instructions on performing the install can be found here.
  • The new Rigid Hinge Arm is only designed to be used with the Rigid Hinge, due to the ability to apply more clamp pressure, if used on the original hinge it could cause damage to the Delrin components.
  • The install of this product does not impact the Warranty of the DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0”.
  • Please contact RED Support if you'd prefer to send your item for installation directly with RED.
WEIGHT​Approximately 0.13 lbs (58.97 g)​​​​
OPERATING TEMPERATURE0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
STORAGE TEMPERATURE–20°C to 50°C (–4°F to 122°F)

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