CES 2013: Ted Talks to Engadget onstage
January 8th, 2013

RED's Ted Schilowitz took to the Engadget stage Tuesday at the International CES 2013 to discuss the latest happenings at RED Digital Cinema. In a wide-ranging yet dense interview, Ted and hosts Richard Lawler and Richard Lai covered cameras, the REDRAY, a RED projector and REDucation.

Ted began by briefly outlining RED's camera history from the RED ONE to the SCARLET which he showed off onstage. "We can't talk enough about it," Engadget's Richard Lawler said of the SCARLET. When Ted noted that the SCARLET brain is under $8000, Lawler summarized nicely: "Assuming that I have the skill, I could make a Peter Jackson quality movie."

The gap that used to exist between big-name filmmakers with expensive equipment and indie filmmakers shooting on HD has narrowed considerably, Ted noted. REDRAY, he added, "bridges a lot of gaps."

"We're not just a camera company. We're a company that is concerned about the digital image and making sure we touch every step of the equation."

"It starts on the acquisition side," Ted said holding the SCARLET. On the backend, the REDRAY is the true 4K playback device. Ted elaborated on the workflow that takes images from this acquisition to the R3D file format that's shown on a REDRAY and touched on a content delivery network. As Ted said, "Every major manufacturer is talking about 4K displays." Yet, "If there's no 4K content, none of this really matters."

From REDRAY, the talk turned to REDucation. "When you're the leader in sort of pushing technology out there, a big responsibility you have as a company is you need to educate people on how to get the most out of their tools." Engadget's Richard Lai was a participant in REDucation Hong Kong and was able to give his perspective on the class.

As if that wasn't enough material for one interview, Engadget questioned Ted about the RED projector code-named "Crimson." Though not a lot of details are available right now, Ted spoke about the some technical details including laser-based light engines and physical size.

Watch the entire interview between Ted and Engadget.

The REDRAY is showing 4K content on an 84-inch monitor at the Toshiba booth located in LVCC Central Hall #10926.