Frank Darabont Moves to Digital While Shooting Mob City
March 9th, 2014

Despite its cancellation, Mob City marked a significant milestone for Frank Darabont: the neo-noir series converted the long-time film advocate to digital.

Having shot the pilot on film, Darabont decided to revisit the idea of filming on a digital camera while shooting the rest of the season at RED Studios Hollywood. RED EPICs helped Darabont and team foster the visually stunning world that epitomizes this era in history:

"I love shooting with film...We shot the pilot on super 16 as I did on The Walking Dead. And then, in the time that had passed since we shot the pilot and we were gearing up to do this, I tested the digital world again, and—this is going to turn into a plug for the RED camera—I realized that all my arguments against it were going away. I'm one of the last holdouts, but I've made the switch over [to digital] and it's been a fantastic thing."

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