Denali: The Story of a Dog and His Best Friend
June 30th, 2015

When Ben Moon was diagnosed with stage 3+ colorectal cancer in 2004, Denali—his best friend, was right there with him through all of the chemotherapy and long hospital stays. Moon defeated his cancer and has spent much of the last decade as a traveling photographer with Denali. In 2014, Denali faced his own bout with cancer—one that proved too much for the 14 year old pitbull/husky to overcome.

After all they had been through together, Moon sought to find a fitting way to celebrate the life of his canine companion. Produced by Ben Moon—together with Director of Photography, Skip Armstrong, and Director, Ben Knight—the short film, Denali, commemorates Moon's companion in an inspiring tribute to adventure, the power of friendship, and how we help each other through life's most difficult challenges.

RED had the opportunity to speak briefly with Skip Armstrong—the DP of Denali—who said:

This was a special project and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. The RED EPIC performed perfectly in adverse winter weather and in the waterproof housing. It's wonderful to have equipment that is reliable and translates the majesty and colors of the Pacific Northwest landscape.

The film debuted at the 5Point Film Festival, winning two awards—and has received numerous other accolades in addition to going viral. Denali was shot over six days in Oregon (January 2014) using the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X, Canon L-Series lenses (24mm f/1.4 II, 85mm f/1.2 and the 70-200 f/2.8 II), as well as an SPL Waterhousing and MOVI 10 for aerial and coastal shots. Denali was also made possible through assistance from Patagonia.

Visit the Denali homepage on Vimeo for more info, or to post your comments and read about how the short film has impacted so many.