DRAGONs on the set of Game of Thrones
July 17th, 2014

Last year, RED unveiled the EPIC-M RED DRAGON (CARBON FIBER), and shipped the first pair directly to HBO's Icelandic production crew for Game of Thrones.

While shooting Season Four amongst Southern Iceland's ravines, some locations held terrain that was unsafe for the Steadicam operator. According to Cinematographer Robert McLachlan, the crew was able to get shots that would have been impossible without having 6K cameras light enough to be paired with handheld Freefly MoVI M10 rigs.

The CF DRAGON's machined magnesium skeleton and protective carbon fiber shell support all the power of the EPIC DRAGON while weighing only four pounds. Its lightweight, durable construction has made the CF DRAGON an ideal choice for weight-sensitive applications. Said Camera B-Operator David Morgan:

"It was fortunate for us to be given the RED EPIC-M [CARBON FIBER] cameras, it meant we could use a high-quality camera on the MoVI rig."

While Game of Thrones' hallmark quality and immersion were top priorities, there was no desire to sacrifice the crew's safety. In similar circumstances McLachlan would typically use a series of long lens shots. But keeping the MoVI rig's weight down using the CF DRAGON allowed for dynamic, focused shots while vastly reducing the risks involved.

The ease of use, improved crew safety, and ability to maintain the series' signature quality made the CF DRAGON an indispensable tool for shooting in the most difficult locations throughout Southern Iceland.