Jason Momoa chooses RED and Leitz Cine lenses to capture his minds' eye
March 3rd, 2020

Jason Momoa is a storyteller. Jason's creative production agency, On The Roam, are dedicated filmmakers passionate about rich and authentic storytelling. Driven to create content that gets noticed by, and emotionally connects to, a digitally-engaged audience. Jason talks about his love of using Leitz Cine lenses on his RED cameras and pushing them to the limit as he and his On The Roam production team drag the camera and lenses through mud and cold weather to find the most beautiful images and tell stories.

"I'm Leitz Cine all the way, and I'm RED 'til I die." -Jason Momoa

Starring: Jason Momoa

Directed & Edited By: Etienne Aurelius

Shot By: Etienne Aurelius & Damien Bray

Shot On: RED Digital Cinema & Leitz Cine

Thanks To: On The Roam

Music: Transcendent Ramblin' Railroad Blues by Colter Wall