The Amazing Spider-Man, RED EPIC and 3ality Technica
July 2nd, 2012

This month HDVideoPro Magazine goes into the technical details behind the scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man to explore how stereoscopic two-camera rigs were able to maneuver through the action. Many of the stunts were shot in live action on location in 3D rather than relying on computer-generated effects thanks to 3ality Technica's 3D stereoscopic rigs.

Conceived to take advantage of native 3D, The Amazing Spider-Man required a camera with a wide sensor, yet a small footprint -- and the RED EPIC delivered. The cameras are small and lightweight enough to make 3D rigs extremely portable and the EPIC's sensor is wide enough to give some extra image area allowing the filmmakers to alter the convergence in post-production.

Together with 3ality Technica's small, lightweight rigs, RED EPICs are taking 3D to places it's never gone before.

HDVideoPro's August issue hits the newsstand on July 31st. You can read the article online now to learn more details about RED and 3ality's Spider-Man shoot.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in theaters now.