RED RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND Filter Pack

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The RED® KOMODO® RF to PL w/ Electronic ND Filter Adapter Pack integrates the same precise electronic ND control as used in the V-RAPTOR® XL into a robust PL mount solution for the RED® KOMODO® and KOMODO-X.

The pack includes two filters; A clear filter for when no ND is needed and an Electronic ND Filter with a 2-7 stop range. It features precise control of ¼, 1/3 or full stop increments which allows choosing the exact exposure without compromising the intended aperture.

Each clear and electronic ND filters thickness are measured and paired together to ensure no back focus shifts when switching between filters. ND can be controlled via the integrated buttons on the Electronic ND Filter, onboard LCD, DSMC3 RED® Touch 7.0” LCD, RED Control, RED Control Pro, web interface, or any other RCP2 compatible remote control, allowing for easy access to exposure no matter how the camera is configured.

Supporting Cooke /i lens communication and record triggering, the RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND expands the functionality of the camera's native RF lens mount for professional applications. Constructed of a titanium core, the shimmable RF to PL Adapter is resistant to environmental temperature changes, providing consistent and precise back focus.

The RED KOMODO RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND Filter Adapter Pack includes both the KOMODO® Side Ribs and Adapter Support Brackets to provide additional rigidity and a native-like mount experience.




While the vast majority of PL lenses are compatible with the RED RF-PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND Filter, a small selection of PL lenses are not compatible due to their rear protrusion depth. Please reference the RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND - Lens Compatibility resource for more information.

  • 1x RED® RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND and Clear Filter
    • 1x RED® PL Mount Shim Pack
  • 1x KOMODO® Side Ribs (set of 2)
  • 1x KOMODO® RF to PL Support Brackets (set of 2)