In this RED TECH, we explore RED’s new image processing pipeline in REDCINE-X PRO® and its overall workflow. Learn how to toggle between legacy and IPP2 workflows as well as how to apply the new color controls. With IPP2, R3D® files go through a new standardized, three-step process: Image Primary (look-independent controls, such as exposure and white balance), Image Grading (creative coloring decisions, including 3D LUTs and CDLs), and Image Output Transform (output-specific settings, such as SDR and HDR). 

Download the latest DSMC2® camera firmware and REDCINE-X PRO software to take advantage of IPP2 here.

IPP2 enhancements include:

  • Better management of challenging colors
  • Improved shadow detail
  • Smoother highlight roll-off
  • More accurate mid-tone hues
  • An improved demosaicing algorithm to achieve higher detail at the same pixel resolution
  • Simpler and more intuitive workflow
  • A workflow designed for HDR from the ground up
  • Industry-standard naming
  • Standardized color space and gamma

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