This RED TECH covers the benefits of RED® cameras recording in RAW and the technology, REDCODE®, that makes it possible and to have efficient, manageable file sizes and maintain image quality and flexibility. REDCODE is critical for managing the massive detail in 8K imagery which translates into saved time and money for shooters. Also, REDCODE allows for non-destructive editing and stores the original material without modifying or requiring a duplicate copy of the material. This makes grading fully reversible, maximizes image quality, and reduces storage requirements.

Here are the top 5 highlights to utilize REDCODE RAW:

1. RED cameras record RAW data to maximize image fidelity and post-production flexibility.
2. REDCODE RAW provides tunable file sizes for superior image quality and lower storage requirements than ProRes or other codecs.
3. Enables a RAW workflow with non-destructive editing which is fully supported by all the major post-production software packages such as Adobe, Apple, Avid, Resolve, etc.
4. Because the files are RAW, additional metadata is available, giving us a window into how the image was shot.
5. No other camera has this capability.

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