Celebrating the Best in Television
January 5th, 2024

It’s been an extraordinary year in television, and RED is thrilled to be part of many of this year’s Emmy-nominated programs. We want to give our heartfelt congratulations to the below cinematographers whose outstanding imagery is captured on RED. We are beyond honored to be your chosen technology partners.

Indian Matchmaking - Best Unstructured Reality Program
Starting off with some unscripted fun is "Indian Matchmaking," skillfully lensed by the fantastic Tom R. Djokaj on RED RANGER, RED MONSTRO, and RED KOMODO. Djokaj's work demonstrates that real-life connections, when captured correctly, can be as riveting, funny, and heartwarming as any scripted drama or comedy.

Cabinet of Curiosities - Outstanding Cinematography For A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie
Step into the enigmatic realm of "Cabinet of Curiosities," where cinematographer Anastas Michos, ASC, GSC, takes us on a visual odyssey. His work on "The Autopsy" unfolds a dark and emotive narrative, skillfully navigating through intricate color palettes, dynamic lighting, and expert composition. Dive deep into Michos' creative choices that earned him a well-deserved Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography in this exclusive Behind The Look as Michos shares insights into his favorite sequence set in the morgue.


100 Foot Wave - Chapter VI - Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program
Laurent Pujol's Emmy-nominated lensing on "100 Foot Wave" with RED V-RAPTOR takes extreme sports to a whole new level. In an interview with Variety , Pujol shares, “The typical day out there: it’s just basically my water housing and my camera, RED V-RAPTOR. And then we just gear up, of course.” Pujol and an exceptional team navigates the unpredictable seas to bring viewers awe-inspiring sequences of monumental waves.

Secrets of the Elephants - Desert - Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program
"Secrets of the Elephants - Desert" is a standout nominee for Outstanding Cinematography in the nonfiction category. RED cameras, in the hands of cinematographers Bob Poole and Paula Kahumbu, faithfully render the vast landscapes and intimate wildlife moments, highlighting their potential in capturing the wonders of the natural world.

Deadliest Catch - Call of a New Generation - Outstanding Cinematography For A Reality Program
Navigating the unpredictable seas and with a large team of incredible cinematographers, "Deadliest Catch - Call of a New Generation" sails into the Emmy nominations with a nod for Outstanding Cinematography. RED cameras prove their mettle in the treacherous conditions of the open sea, maintaining image quality and stability. The dedication of the cinematography team ensures that viewers experience the authentic drama of reality programming. Series Director of Photography David Reichert shares more.


Wednesday - Outstanding Cinematography For a Series (One Hour) and Outstanding Comedy
David Lanzenberg wielded the RED KOMODO when shooting "Thing Addams" in "Wednesday." In using the camera, Lanzenberg said, “The KOMODO delivered beyond our wildest expectations, a very small camera body with amazing versatility. I have become a huge fan of it.”

Hocus Pocus 2 - Best Television Movie
The magical realm of "Hocus Pocus 2" materialized an Emmy nomination for Best Television Movie. Cinematographer Elliot Davis, wielding RED Digital Cinema cameras, added an extra layer of magic, capturing the whimsical and otherworldly elements of the story to transport viewers into a spellbinding and nostalgic experience.

Welcome to Wrexham - Outstanding Cinematography For A Reality Program
Joining the lineup is "Welcome to Wrexham," nominated for Outstanding Cinematography in the Reality Program category. Capturing the raw reality and compelling moments of this breakout program along with a winning match or two, really made this series stand out.

Dear Mama - Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series
And finally, but with equal importance,"Dear Mama" earns its place among Emmy nominations with an Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series nod. Tupac and his mother’s story won us over, and we are so proud to have played a very small role in this incredible docuseries.

Let us raise a toast to these Emmy-nominated projects who placed their trust in RED cameras to bring their stories to life. We celebrate the vital role of cinematography in crafting our screen time an unforgettable adventure. Cheers to the storytellers who breathe life into every frame!