Behind the Look with Adam Bricker from HBO Max’s Hacks
August 9th, 2022

Emmy-Nominated series Hacks season 2 is here for the encore, taking the comedic duo of Deborah and Ava on the road. The dark mentorship of Deborah Vance and young entitled writer Ava Daniels proves once again to a be strong and entertaining partnership as they travel across the nation to workshop and restore Deborah’s new standup act.

Cinematographer Adam Bricker sat down with RED’s Naida Albright to discuss his mission of utilizing the principles established in season 1 and applying them to new environments, storylines, and character development to ensure a strong and emotionally expressive visual look as season 2 hits the road. In order to achieve the natural energetic, run, and gun comedic feel of this season, Bricker chose to shift from Panavision’s DXL2 with MONSTRO sensor that was used on season 1, to RED’s new flagship, small-bodied V-RAPTOR system. “It worked so well paring this robust modern digital sensor with this older vintage glass telling the generational story of a young comedian and an older comedian.” Check out the whole interview, to find out more as Adam and Naida dive deeper into specific scenes and the impacts of set design, wardrobe, lighting, and smallest of details that made the biggest difference in achieving the looks that resulted in an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for Adam Bricker and the Hacks team.


A big thanks to Adam Bricker for speaking with RED.
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