Shooting on KOMODO and KOMODO-X With Chris Gregson
May 29th, 2024

Skateboarding and filming go hand in hand (literally) so why not combine the two and make it exciting? It never occurred to me what I was doing was anything special since I’m a pro skater myself and always had a camera filming my friends. But someone saw something in what I was doing and pushed me to the point of wanting to make my follow filming look the best it could be.

My niche in the skate world of filming would be my follow lines through transitions or contests, but in order to do what I do, I need the lightest equipment possible without compromising on quality. When RED came out with the KOMODO I immediately wanted one. Never before was there something that small and lightweight that was also a cinema camera that I could film all the follow lines and live TV broadcasts with. The KOMODO lived up to all of the hype and it’s my favorite camera I have ever used.

My favorite thing about the KOMODO is the ability to have so many options to shoot the skating. When I film follow lines, I like it to look like the skater is going as fast as possible so at 6k 24 fps 180degree shutter angle, the skaters in focus, but the motion blur and fewer frames gives the illusion they’re going faster than they are. If the skaters are flipping their board it’s fun to film 4k 120 fps to really see how difficult the trick the skater is doing. Basically, I love this camera and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to film skateboarding professionally.

Chris Gregson, is a professional skateboarder celebrated for his dynamic style and versatile skills. Now residing in San Diego, Chris grew up skating in Irvine and has become a prominent figure in the skateboarding community, expertly balancing his passions for both filming and skating. A regular contributor to Thrasher magazine, you can follow Chris on Instagram

Special thanks to Elliot Sloan.