Unveiling the V-RAPTOR on GMC's Broadcast Commercial 'Nowhere'
August 22nd, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, capturing the essence of a brand's spirit requires more than just the right message—it demands an artful blend of innovation, technology, and storytelling prowess. This was precisely the challenge undertaken by the team at Expedition Studios, led by directors Renan Ozturk and Eric Crosland, as they embarked on a journey into the heart of the overlanding community.

The mission was daring, yet exhilarating delve deep into the overlanding world, engaging both old friends and new acquaintances, to unearth the concept of 'Finding Nowhere' within the souls and minds of adventurers like Kalen Thorien, Chef Adam Glick, Alex Strohl, and Overland Bound. But the Expedition Studios team didn't stop at a mere television spot; they set their sights on a long form edit and an array of social media deliverables, all fueled by the spirit of exploration.

Ozturk and Crosland, seasoned filmmakers with a penchant for pushing boundaries, equipped themselves with the RED V-RAPTOR, a game-changing innovation that lay at the heart of their creative arsenal. The V-RAPTOR's compact form factor navigated inside the tight interiors of overlanding rigs. However, its true potential came to life “really shined when we jumped out of the vehicle for picking up super high frame rate action shots on the fly.” The team used V-RAPTOR with the full-frame Atlas Mercury anamorphic lenses, delivering a visual richness.

“Although it was a big commercial production, we took our expedition style approach. I love pushing the limits of what is possible in a commercial setting and nothing made us happier to see the tasty anamorphic flares coming off this setup make the final broadcast spot” - Director/DP Renan Ozturk

Through the lens of the V-RAPTOR, Expedition Studios painted a mesmerizing portrait of the overlanding community's spirit—a spirit that thrives on uncharted terrain and the pursuit of the elusive 'Nowhere.'

Thanks to Renan Ozturk and Eric Crosland for allowing RED to share their behind-the-scenes story.

Agency // @leoburnett
EP // @jsnyderman1@taylorfreesolo
Directors // @eric_crosland@renan_ozturk
Master producer // @rebeccadonaghe
Agency producer // @grimmmer
Creative directors // @worksfortyone@apeacock612@jmariucci
Sound // @jimhurst@stashw
Camera // @alexigidbashian@sam_loweanker@rudy.le@brookedurow@mister.dirt@jahrig
Precision Drivers // @stinastunts@flying_franco
Drone // @irving_matthew@nickwolcott
Armed Car // @riot.motion (with driver @munoa32)
DIT // @tim_hardy_ John Firestone
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