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The V-RAPTOR XL EF Mount offers support for a wide variety of Canon EF-S and Canon EF compatible lenses to use with your V-RAPTOR XL. A robust construction and solid locking mechanism provide durable yet lightweight support for EF lenses, the V-RAPTOR XL EF Mount offers modularity and supports autofocus as well as electronic iris control with compatible lenses.


The mount attaches easily to the front of your camera and uses a dual-ring lock system to secure Canon EF and EF-S lenses. Captive screws provide a secure attachment and allows for more convenient mount removal.



  • Autofocus support available for select EF lenses
  • Electronic iris control available for select EF and EF-S compatible lenses
  • Touch focus enabled for select lenses
  • No backfocus adjustments necessary when switching mounts

COMPATIBILITY: The V-RAPTOR XL EF Mount is only compatible with V-RAPTOR XL.