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Release History


DSMC Power Operation Guide

DSMC Power Operation Guide

Release Date: 03/18/2014
Version: C.0.0

What’s New

  • Updated REDVOLT XL MODULE steps and information
  • Updated verbiage and steps related to chargers and batteries
  • General updates and improvements to consistency throughout
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DSMC Power Operation Guide

Release Date: 02/12/2014
Version: B.0.0

What’s New

  • Added Battery Storage and Handling Warnings to the compliance section for user knowledge.
  • Added information about Battery Storage and Usage Tips for prolonged battery life to the “RED Batteries” section
  • Moved DSMC SIDE HANDLE operations from the DSMC Operation Guide to this guide.
  • Added maximum torque values for applicable operations
  • Added Power consumption and power priority information
  • Added Auxiliary Power Out Connector image/diagram for the +1 Adaptor Module
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DSMC Power Operation Guide

Release Date: 12/30/2013
Version: A.1.0

Operation guide for using DSMC power modules, adaptors, chargers, batteries, accessories, and related cables. Includes: Operation Guide.

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